2017-02-23 Thu

A New Record For Toronto the World-Class City

Back on Tuesday 1st January 2017 – yes, just over a month ago I wrote again about the Water Main Being Repaired in our little street.

Back then I wrote “It seems like only last June 13th That I was writing about the Street Being Dug Up.”

Well, guess what?

Yes, the Water Main is Broken. This will be the fifth repair in the less than five years I have lived here. That means our water is turned off.

I should have twigged it last night when Jack-Hammers were at work at ten at night. I was in bed and rolled over wondering why the city Landscaping Crew couldn’t work during daylight hours.

The penny dropped, in a manner of speaking, around 3;30 when I flushed the toilet after my early-morning pee. “Odd?” I thought, “Doesn’t sound flushed with success”.

I grabbed two 25-litre pails and filled them from the bath taps, washed whatever dishes were sitting by the sink, shaved but, alas, could not shower.


Electrifying GO Trains

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170217_110623134.jpg

When the UP Express was proposed as a Diesel-Powered Train, there were cries of “Make it Electric”, and you can gauge what a good idea that was by the fact that the experts went ahead and made it diesel.

My feelings are that the promoters of the UP Express were focused on making a quick buck, rather than the feelings of the people who live alongside the tracks.

One of the objections to Electrifying Suburban Rail Services is that the roofs at Union Station are too low for installation of Catenary Wires.

I really don’t understand that argument at all.

The roof is supported on girders which are bolted or riveted; it is a giant Meccanno set, is all it is.

What is the problem with unbolting, or un-riveting, each girder and moving it up a few slots?