2017-02-22 Wed


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Here I am sitting in “Café M”, west side of Yonge Street near St Mary Street. I am looking out of the window towards the north-east.

Much the same view as before, but now I am sitting at one of the two windowed walls set at angles. The entrance way is a funnel that narrows as you walk from the street to the door of the café.

This is the neatest spot I’ve found in downtown.

As I sit here I can look south down Yonge Street and spot my friend Jake walking up the street, and if I miss him then I can turn ever so slightly to the right and watch him walk past me.

That is, I can scan both sides of Yonge Street at the same time, and as a bonus, it’s a great spot to Watch People Walking by ...


So, off for a Free Hearing Test today. New place, so a questionaire to be filled out. I know what the questions mean, and I know that a “Yes” answer means there is something to pay attention to, but still and all I find the questions meaningless in principle.

“Do you ever have a problem hearing and understanding a conversation?”.

Well, I bump into so many non-thinking people that I often cannot understand their side of the conversation, let alone their thoughts, but it did say “and”, so I think back to the last three times I have been to a social event in a pub and left because the music was cranked up to full volume. I’m not the only one who has left. That is not a sign of bad hearing; that is a sign of being considerate to my ears. I see no point in shouting above mechanical music for ninety minutes, so I go home and read a book.

We did the headphones and tones thing. I noted that this time I am seated at right-angles to the Audiologist, so I don’t get a visual clue that something is coming down the pike.

And I still think that a Computerized Randomized Data Emission and Collection System is a smarter way to go.