2017-02-17 Fri

Don’t panic!

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I keep saying that whenever “Trump” comes up in conversation.

Although the republican party voted Trump to be their candidate, we must not lose sight of the human behaviour of electing a weak leader so that we can control what the weak leader does.

I might want Trump in power because I am a businessman, but Trump has to pay me back by doing things that please me. “Now that I have voted you into power, I want you to re-pave my street”.

Thursday’s paper carried an article about “growing Republican Opposition”.

I have said all along that rich as he might be, Trump is not the richest man in America, and he certainly is never going to be able to disobey the powerful but hidden group of rich men who put him where he is today.


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Last Sunday I wrote about William A. Macdonald’s article “Why a Failed Bid for Electoral Reform is a Win for Canada”. I drew comparisons with other political states and their voting practices.

In Thursday’s Toronto Star I note that comparisons are made with the USA (Trump), the UK (Brexit) and France (Le penne).

Snap Quiz: Which of those three countries have First-Past-the-Post Voting at the federal and state levels?