2017-02-13 Mon


I am in the habit of visiting about half a dozen Second-Hand Stores in the district. I try to drop in once a month.

Yesterday I ran out of VHS Tape Boxes (I am in the process of updating labeled tapes), and figured I should drop in to Goodwill and grab a dozen truly awful tapes at 50 cents each, just for the cardboard boxes. I can toss the tapes.

So, I ended up buying some mediocre tapes, some of which I might watch (ďStalag 17Ē), and some of which I might keep (ďStalag 17Ē1), but tucked almost out of sight behind the counter were some box sets.

I picked up a boxed set of Charlie Chaplin Movies, fourteen in all, totaling 241 minutes of playing time.

Thatís four hours.

Hereís the deal: Tuesdays I can wander into Carlton Cinemas, just around the corner for Five dollars and watch a movie from the set they have chosen to show, and walk out after ninety minutes having been unable to pause the movie while I go to the toilet, or make some grilled cheese, or rewind and slow-motion replay an action scene. Thatís Five Dollars.

For six dollars I get four hours to watch in the comfort of my own home, and watch again whenever I feel like it.