2017-02-11 Sat


I graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1967.

Today I mailed off my Voting Papers in Convocation.

The Link?

Well, once you Graduate you become a member of Convocation by default. I have been a member, by default, since about December 1967, I suppose.

I have moved around a lot, and at times the University has not known where I am.

You could say that I have defaulted on voting more often than not.

So last week the papers arrived, a ballot slip and envelope and a nice little booklet describing fourteen Candidates, eight of whom I must strike off the list, leaving the six I would prefer to see Elected.

You might have guessed that I know nothing about any of the fourteen candidates. I know as much as I do about what convocation does, and hence, I know just as much about what I should look for in a candidate.

I last set foot on the campus of the University of Western Australia in 1993. I doubt that I will ever set foot on the campus of the University of Western Australia again.

So, I struck eight people off the list then mailed off the ballot papers this afternoon.

I struck off the guy whose photo showed that he wasn’t smiling.

I struck off someone with obvious Religious Affiliations.

I struck off eight candidates on what amounted to little more than personal whimsy.

All I can say with pride is “I voted”.