2017-02-05 Sun


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So there I was strolling down to the Free Lunchtime Concert at St Andrewís Church and musing about the young lady who was looking fr the P.A.T.H system last Tuesday.

Oh Yes! I mused, of course, there is an entrance to the P.A.T.H system right here at the bus station.

You canít see the sign quite clearly in the photo above.

You are looking for the letters P.A.T.H , but you canít see them, can you?

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Can you see them now?

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170203_112357936.jpg

Now you can see them, but I crossed the street and stood right under the sign.

Why does the city tolerate signs in Dark Colours on a Dark Background to draw attention to Thirty Kilometres of Underground Shopping, away from the traffic and away from the wind-chill?

For the same reason that the only known public access to a supply of P.A.T.H system now sits in an unmarked building, up a flight of stairs, behind a locked door with a numeric keypad entry system, and a sign on the desk INSIDE THE LOCKED OFFICE that says ďPlease ring bell for serviceĒ or similar.

That is, Toronto does not want the world to know about this world-class feature.

Go Figure that one out!

Obama, Trump, and Turnbull

Much has been made in reporting and conversation this past week about the Australian Prime Ministerís telephone conversation with Donald Trump.

The background: Australia wants to send the message to human smugglers ďWe are not open for businessĒ, and for many years now over a thousand would-be immigrants/refugees have been imprisoned on two islands to the north of Australia. Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia, negotiated a deal with Barak Obama in which the United States would accept many, perhaps most, of these imprisoned would-be settlers, taking a problem off Australiaís hands.

Thatís Barak Obama, as in The Outgoing President.

Now if you were smart and had smart advisers, as I am sure Obama is and has, and if you were sure that Trump was going to continue his anti-immigrant track, you might consider setting up such a deal as a poison pill, knowing that Trump, once President, would be forced to renege on the deal just to maintain his (Trumpís) image.

The cynic in me sees the deal as a chess board manoeuvre designed to make Trump look even worse than he is.

If possible.