2017-01-21 Sat

das is Gut

I am extremely proud of my brain, despite its having exhausted its limited supply of German in composing the subject line.

My brain started off as a single fertilized egg-cell, and now consists of billions (trillions?) of neurons, axons and other wobbly stuff.

This brain can contemplate programming in DNA, and Fast Radio Bursts , and can somehow steer me into adjusting a Ginger Snap recipe for the cookies my mother used to send me 55 years ago.

Of course, with this brain I can listen to podcasts that re-direct me to BOOKS, and the best book I read last year was Guilia Enders's book "Gut"

And right there on page 123 or 124 (the brain is good, the short-term memory not so much) Guilia points out that Trees don't have brains.

Of course they don't.

I knew that!

But how come I've never been floored by this knowledge before?

Tomato plants don't have brains, neither do ferns.

Guilia says that the primary reason for having a brain is for movement. We need something to control the gangly movement of our limbs that take us to a food source, and we need a brain to control the muscles of our face so that we can smile when we find food.

Here I was, thinking that my brain is super-evolved to study DNA and FRBs.

My brain is really the main thing that distinguishes me from a Zucchini!

P.S. Guilia points out that the first thing a sea-squirt does when it finds a home is to eat its brain, there being no further use for same, as the Sea-Squirt is sessile.

Thought you'd all like that ...