2017-01-18 Wed

The Inauguration

I thought Iíd get in first.

This part of The World is agog at Fridayís upcoming inauguration. Will Trump ...? Or wonít he? What if Trump ...? Or will they ...?

I have no fears.

I happen to feel that Trump is an over-privileged brash, thoughtless bully, and a coward. I suspect that he blundered into the presidency by mistake.

Me? I read. Books.

I read books about History.

I read that the USA threw off the shackles of the British Sovereignty some three hundred years ago.

The USA opted out of a powerful individual style of government and went instead for a group style of government.

The USA arose out of a keen desire NOT to have one (man) decide whatís best for the nation.

Thatís why the fifty states still operate almost as separate countries. Thatís why there is a Senate, Congressmen, and, sadly, a gun-in-every-house. Well, it seems like it.

For all that a president might declare in which direction and how fast the Ship Of State ought to go, the president still only gets to make a declaration.

Other people trim the sails, handle the steering-wheel (helm?) and decide whether or not to call in for fresh water.

Trump can make as much noise as he wants, but even he mist know that it is Business Money that brought him here, and it is Business Money that will call the shots, and his Business Money pales in significance when held against the Business Money of the entire United States of America.

Scrambled Crossings

Back on Wednesday 18th February 2015 I wrote, again, about Torontoís inability to understand the true nature of Scrambled Intersections.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170113_083555371.jpg

Gordon Velyvis has echoed my thoughts.

The way to Eliminate Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions is to reduce the incidences of pedestrians and vehicles sharing the same space at the same time.