2016-12-30 Fri

Clear Thinking

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So why is Voice-Mail less productive than E-Mail?

At least two reasons.

(1)†Our Eyes are faster than our Lips. Due to Evolution, our Ears are geared to the speed of the Spoken Voice, and so our ears are governed by the speed of the spoken voice. Our eyes function almost at Light-Speed.

We can Read a Page of Text in about one tenth the time it would take to read it out clearly, and that means that we can read a page of text in about one tenth the time it would take to listen to it being read out.

As an additional benefit, if we need to re-read a chunk of an email we can do so in about a tenth of the time it would take to rewind a voice-mail and listen to that segment again. Assuming we could locate it pretty well instantly.

(2)†We can Edit E-Mail text. We can Cut-Copy-and-Paste chunks of text and stand on the shoulders of that text to make our comment. The content of the E-Mail message is Data that we can process to deliver Information.

OK. We can cut-and-paste voice-mail, too, but the technology didnít advance very far and is now moribund.


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I am now in my Fifth Year of Retirement, living downtown. My area is surrounded, flooded, with Cost-Effective Eating Establishments, with a wide range of Cuisines.

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A friend and I meet weekly to critique each others writing Ė a miniature version of a Writers Co-operative, and for my sake we are about to work our way through the cheap eating places on Yonge and Church streets between Bloor and Carlton streets.

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The first two fine-dining establishments are on the north-west and north-east corners of Yonge and Wellesley Streets.