2016-12-24 Sat


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161218_085953021.jpg

I scavenge those Big Green Bottles after the drinking water has been tapped out. I trim them at the shoulder and Drill Holes in the Base to make a Green Plastic Tub just over twelve inches tall and about nine inches diameter.

Into the tub I drop a few handfuls of shredded paper and then sieved Vermicomposter Matrix, soak it all well, drain it, and set it aside as a tub ready to receive plant cuttings.

To my delight, several apple trees have popped up from the various seeds I have dropped into the vermicomposter.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161218_090001737.jpg

These photos are really too fuzzy, but I have about a dozen potential trees in my Apartment right now.