2016-12-21 Wed

Clear Thinking

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I suspect that the Syrian Military could make better progress if they had been taught elementary mathematics

32 out of 40 is exactly four-fifths which is exactly 80%

While 85% is “close”, it is in no way what we might call ‘a direct hit”

Clear Thinking

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Nothing personal, you understand, but I have had some recent experience with a couple of women who have fallen for this “Supplied Meals” Scam.

You sign up to get frozen meals delivered at more than twice the price you’d pay if you WALKED to your nearest No-Frills supermarket and bought them off the shelf.

The frozen meals are typically 300 calories each, so you can eat five or six a day with impunity; eat four if you think you can get away with it.

The scam relies on weak-willed people who just are not strong enough to forgo large servings of good food (that is, people like me) or two-litre bricks of Chapman’s Ice Cream (that is, people like me), or who insist on the full breakfast of three eggs, sausage, ham, bacon and toast with jam when I meet a friend for breakfast).

If you are too week-willed to stick to a diet for one month, then you are too weak-willed to avoid fatty, sugary foods for a month. (that is, just like me)

The other part of the scam is that whenever we embark on a weight-loss program, we lose heavily in the first month – it is possible to shed four pounds a week for the first four weeks. I speak from experience.

Of course, if you weight 170 pounds today and keep on losing weight at a pound a week, then by March 2020 you will weight zero pounds.

Clearly you cannot maintain a weight-loss of a pound a week.

For every one of us, there is a lower limit.

But those first few weeks fill you with glee and false hope.

Folks: It’s an expensive courier service; that’s all it is.