2016-12-17 Sat

Clear Thinking

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Bob Hepburn is way off base.

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His reasoning is that since Voter Turnout is Falling, therefore Proportional Representation is a bad thing.


Can Canada boast 77% voter turnout? (no)

How long has New Zealand had Proportional Representation? ()

What might be another cause for a falling turnout percentage of voters?

Well, dis-satisfaction with all the major political parties, for one thing. We are told that Trump won because both candidates/parties were bad, bit the voters wanted change.

We ought not be surprised if people donít turn out to vote because they think that it isnít worth the effort.

Thatís why I donít go shopping at No-Frills when the rain is pouring down.

Toronto the Dysfunctional City

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I had brunch with a good friend last week, She is from out-of-town, so the conversation turned to the team of idiots in council chambers at City Hall.

Actually, the conversation would have turned that way had my friend been from any city outside of Toronto. Or even if she had been from Toronto. Or even any other friend. An awful lot of conversations I have with friends seems to quickly get derailed onto the Team of Idiots in Council Chambers at City Hall

I wonder why it is that all my conversations ....

My friend attempted to cut the conversation short by saying that Toronto is so dysfunctional.

I corrected her, telling her that Toronto is functional. Itís just that the ďnĒ is silent, and was rewarded with a loud burst of laughter that startled everyone around us.

It is a pedestrian issue.

The photo above is on the south side of Gerrard Street, immediately east of Yonge Street.

Gerrard street has been repaved (in the end it took them less than I year, I think) and the sidewalks have been re-constructed.

The signpost for the laneway has been carted off in a dumpster bin.

And the building alongside the newly-paved sidewalks have been marked for demolition, so the dump-trucks and tracked vehicles will have a lovely smooth surface to grind over.

Then someone came along and sprayed markings on the newly-paved sidewalk.

Iím no expert, but it looks to me as if the newly-paved sidewalk is about to be ripped up to do work on Emmeline Lucasís drains,

Toronto is functional. Itís just that the ďnĒ is silent.