2016-12-16 Fri

Clear Thinking

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Of course they do.

Who wants to work at one end of a Phone Line being abused by Abusive People like me.

Abusive People like me who are abused by my Suppliers telling me that my call is important to them, and leaving me on hold for fifteen minutes only to tell me that I should have dialed some number other than the one printed on their Web Page or in their User-Brochure.

I paid good money for the Service or Product, and no-one in the store will deal with me.

I am a Nuisance and must walk home and use the phone to while away my idle hours because I have nothing better to do than complain that

(1) My telephone has stopped working (“So go home and phone this number ...”)

(2) I have been over-charged

(3) I want to settle this bill right now.

(4) Do you sell this product?

(5) How can I ...

If I am abusive it is because I have been abused, and paid good money for the privilege of being abused.

I remain convinced that the Problem Rests with the Management.


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I love lists of corrections.

I have seen some good ones in my time.

If only I’d thought to keep the clippings I could Publish a Book titled “Errata”.

I’d have fun filling in the Errata page.

Clear Thinking

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The mind boggles.

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What strength we have in Toronto, when the Planners, ferchrissakes, can’t plan a meeting about Accessibility in an Accessible Venue?

Why don’t we turf every member of the planners Pig-Trough and make Disability a Criteria for Membership. They’d learn on the job.

And within a year Toronto would be a Fully-Accessible City, instead of pouring money into entitled workers bank acocunts so that they can drag out yet another project with yet another delay.

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“Lazy” is indeed the word that comes to mind.

What sort of Manager (answer “lazy”) hasn’t got around to having an In-House Ombudsman (disabled category) on the staff to ride herd on the department’s activities.

Fire two able-bodied members (one of which should be the manager) and replace them with one disabled person.

The other person to be fired is the one who Emailed or Telephoned the venues to make the booking.