2016-12-15 Thu


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I have gotten back into Shortbread Cookies. Three ingredients (shortening, flour and sugar in equal volumes) .

A new tip from The Toronto Star is to place the dough between two sheets of (or in a folded sheet of) Parchment Paper. Much easier to roll flat, and no mess on the rolling-pin.

Above you can see that I have flipped the flattened dough onto a baking sheet and scored it with my Pizza-Knife, a rolling wheel with a cutting edge.

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Here we are, fresh out of the oven.

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Here is the dough, rolled flat within a folded sheet.

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There is a bit of a straight edge where the dough rolled into the crease of the paper.

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Which led me to experiment with double-folding to give me two straight edges.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161206_155934593.jpg

The second batch delivered a better set of Square Cookies, but that mean fewer inferior shapes for me to treat as, well, treats.

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Here is the scored sheet of dough after baking twenty minutes. The cut edges have melded, but it ought to be easy to snap them off along the weakened boundaries.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161206_161843514.jpg

As I slide the sheet off my baking tray, the sheet of dough obligingly separates itself along one set of scored lines.

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Just over a year ago I wrote that Merkel was attempting to de-stabilize all countries that lay between Germany and the Middle East.

The sub-heading in this article (Toronto Star December 7th 2016) reads “German Chancellor also said she’ll protect country from future Mass Asylum Seekers”.

Has there, indeed, been too much of a Background Backlash against Germany’s decision to flood into Europe from the south-east and attempting to trample across the Strawberry Fields of Europe?