2016-12-12 Mon

The Diet


I think that a two-litre brick of Chapman’s Butterscotch Ripple ice-cream is called for this evening.

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Bunching on the Toronto Transit Commission Surface Vehicles

Christopher Greaves Paris_HPIM8234.jpg

I came across this photo from two years ago while looking for something else.

Paris has practically solved its “Bunching” Problems with, at a guess, about $100,000 (or if you prefer, €100,000).

The Transilien Transit System printed two sets of Decals. No languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian ...), just a Happy-Face.

When you stand to exit by the rear doors, you face a Bright Green Happy Face.

When you stand to exit by the front doors, you face a Beet-Red Sad Face.


And Cheap!