2016-12-10 Sat


Green Tomatoes: Itís that time of year when we harvest green tomatoes from the balconies on the grounds that we have nothing to lose Ė if we leave them out there theyíll freeze anyway.

Which got me thinking.

Tomatoes change from green to red to signal that their seeds are ready for dispersal by animals that eat tomatoes and spread the indigestible seeds wide and far.

That suggests that tomatoes change from green to red when they have pumped as much plant-nutrition into the seeds as they possibly can. But we animals donít benefit from the food in the seeds.

Which suggests that it makes sense for those of us animals who have fire to harvest tomatoes well before they turn red.

It would make sense for us to harvest tomatoes while they are still green, because at that stage they are in their prime stage of manufacturing nutrition Ė destined for the seeds, but we can head them off, in a manner of speaking, before the pass.

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Who let the Australian in?

Torontoís Talkfest

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I can see what is going to happen here.

Toronto is going to impose tolls on what is left of the Gardiner Freeway the day they start tearing it down forever.