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Yesterday around seven in the morning I walked past the intersection of Yonge and Gerrard and saw that the traffic lights were not working. Not Working as in dark, no light at all, not even the fail-back flashing-red system.

Strangely (but wonderfully) traffic was negotiating the intersection. This being Toronto there was the sound of a car horn at least once a minute, as someone whose ego was more important than life (that is, safety) let loose. Cars, Trucks, Pedestrians and the odd Yonge Street Toronto Transit Commission Bus crept through the intersection and continued on their way.

We have heard of cites were all lane markings, signs and lights are removed. This was a microscopic study for me: Every vehicle came to a stop or a near-stop, and CRAWLED through the intersection.

Disabling the stop lights might have the effect of slowing traffic.

What an idea.

Pull the plug!

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I am inclined to agree. No matter what you do, traffic congestion is just going to get worse.

One solution is to jack up vehicle registration and gasoline taxes so much that it will throw fifty percent of drivers on to Public Transit.

Then the roads will be quieter for people like Starkman.

Start today!

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Now this argument I like.

I live downtown and do not own a car, so I should not be paying for the privilege of driving on the streets.

So the land taxes paid by my landlord should come down, and so my rent should be reduced because I shouldnít have to support the street-repairs program (except, perhaps, for that 20-foot wide piece of College Street at Bay Street where I walk across to get my morning paper)

Also since I never make a call on the Toronto Police (Iím too scared that I might get shot) I should get a reduction in rent for that, too.

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This is the old Two-Classes-Of-Citizen approach to civilized argument.

The solution is easy: For those of you who live in Oshawa or Barrie or anywhere outside the Toronto City, you pay a toll as you cross the city boundary on your way in.

And Out.

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Thatís right! Bins and garbage are Fully-Funded, as are streets, roads and highways. And Sidewalks. And Libraries, Parks and Police.

So why is Public Transit NOT Fully-Funded?

Please take a moment to download and read my file Fully Funded Public Transit .