2016-12-07 Wed


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A recent advertisement from BELL.

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I thought that the Galaxy was the phone that was bursting into flames (for the second time) last September.

How come it is still being advertised in November?

Clear Thinking

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It is time we stopped using the word Free so freely.

What can you think of that is Truly Free?

When I take you out for Lunch and I pay the bill, your lunch is not free. Itís just that YOU havenít paid for it.

Everything you use is paid for; itís really just a question of who paid for it.

Your Tap-Water is not Free, nor is the Sidewalk nor the so-called Free Newspaper.

We already know that on web pages ďFreeĒ means that you are handing over your data so that the Web Page Owners can sell data about you to their clients.

As Hu points out in The Attention Merchants, you are the product, the web pages client is the consumer.

You are not buying a service for free, you are giving away your Data for Sale.