2016-12-06 Tue


Back on November 14th I said that if the Internet of Things ever reached here Id get a crepe pan with an Undo function.

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One week later The National Post made notice of a Bluetooth-enabled Instant Pot.

Stay Tuned (the station knob will be found on the right-hand side of your microwave slow-cooker ...)

Clear Thinking

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Speaking of a waste of money ...

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Canada is now poised to set up a system of unique identification numbers to serve Canadian organizations such as Public Safety, Transport Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Millions of Dollars, to be sure.

If they had bought me a coffee at The Eaton Chelsea on Saturday morning, I would have suggested that they make use of the existing Social Insurance Number Unique for every Canadian.

Christmas 2016

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My first batch of items is in.

I decided to make a Christmas Wreath of them.