2016-12-05 Mon

Clear Thinking

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How dumb do you have to be to realize that good old Haitch-Two-Oh has no Brain, and so in no way can be said to be Smart, and certainly not smart enough to realize that the only way for the past four billion years or so to get Distilled Water was by Vaporization.

Quick now: How else could you obtain distilled water?


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It is not so much the Construction around Toronto that bugs people like me, as the Uncompleted Projects.

For sure we have Orange Cones and Orange Diamonds up where a truck is unloading stuff, or a crew is doing work.

But long, long after the the crew has departed, we are plagued with left-over piles of debris and equipment. The work is NOT finished

Gerrard Street has been Repaved for some months now, but we have Obstructions on the sidewalk and alongside the Bicycle Rings.

And yes, it is “obstructions” plural. There is always more debris; look just past the pedestrian and you will see another diamond sign, its rusted steel legs waiting to snag some passer-by.