2016-12-04 Sun

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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As you know I am all in favour of reduced footprints, especially Reduced HUMAN Footprints.

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But why should we be using Bio-Degradable Coffee Pods?

Why can we not just brew coffee the way our parents did and not have the environmental impact that is caused by creating the damn pods in the first place? (Plus Trucking them all over the country to reach the stores, plus ...)

I have a small plastic sieve and a small glass jug.

I have no need for a Compostable Pod.

Toronto Ė a World-Class Boondoggle

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Yes, it is fourteen years since Toronto last built a piece of Subway Line.

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One Hundred Million Dollars.

Four new stops.

Eight years.

Today we are told Over Three BILLION dollars. One stop. Nine years.

Whatís wrong with this picture?

(Yes, the proposal is for six kilometres, but letís be honest about this; itís just a Long Tunnel, No Intermediate Stations ...)