2016-12-03 Sat

Christmas 2016

I find myself hoping that we get hit with a Blizzard this weekend. Itís not going to happen.

But if we did get hit with a blizzard I could curl up with a laptop and extract from my Annual Personal Daily Diary enough stuff (that Iím not embarrassed about) to draft my email-ready Christmas Letter to Friends and Relations.

Itís not going to happen.


I listened to a few Australian News Podcasts on my way to and from NoFrills yesterday. Amongst the items, something about young-Protesters shutting down Parliament for about forty minutes with interjections, screaming and, amongst other things, Super-Gluing their Hands to Railings in what I think was the House of Commons.

[Disclaimer: There is a touch of the conservative right-wing in me]

I found myself musing.

I donít know whether this riff-raff whose idea of free Speech is to shut down a parliamentary debate is ďUniversity riff-raffĒ or just ďriff-raff-in-generalĒ, but I felt sure that I know what I would do with people who super-glued their hands to railings.

Iíd give them the benefit of the doubt.

For sure.

Iíd point out that we donít stock Superglue-Solvent in this House of Parliament.

Iíd point out that even though the riff-raff had brought their own solvent with them (just in case!) we were not authorized to perform Medical Procedures this House of Parliament, and we were talking about their skin Ė the largest single organ in the human body.

Iíd allow them to pursue their objective, which was to remain glued to the railings until they became unglued.

To help them become unglued, in a manner of speaking, Iíd leave them there to sit in their own filth.

While we were waiting for the filth to accumulate, Iíd start by taking down personal details Ė name, address and so on. In the absence of any suitable Photo-Identification, Iíd allow family members access to the chamber provide their own and their family memberís offspringís photo identification. So Iíd know where to send the invoice for the cleaning bill (see ďfilthĒ above).

And yes, there are flights daily from Perth to Canberra.

My reasoning is that you canít have it both ways. If you claim to be an intelligent person, then you can foresee the various outcomes of gluing yourself to railings.

If however you claim that you hadnít foreseen the possibility that you might remain glued to the railings for a long time, then Iíd offer this period as a time of reflection, a chance to learn something while Parliament wasnít sitting in this building, but was carrying on its business wherever lawful people assemble to discuss, in heated fashion, using words, not bodies, the affairs of the nation.