2016-12-02 Fri

Clear Thinking

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There are, as we know, lies, damned lies, and statistics.

A quarter of surface routes exceed the Toronto Transit Commissionís standards at some point during the week.

This could be good news, because in the first place the Toronto Transit Commissionís standards can be quite low (or high, if you prefer that approach), and it can take only one bus on the 29 Dufferin Street route to be overcrowded to get that route into the 25%.

Likewise, just one streetcar on my 506 route being overcrowded, and Bingo! We have a winner.

What ought to concern us more is the reason for overcrowding.

Overcrowding results from streetcar (or bus!) delays, and streetcar delays are also a cause of bunching.

These states result from the action of passengers, for if you imagine a streetcar going from Main Street to High Park without passengers, then it is at the mercy only of other vehicular traffic, and will hit its destination within a three-minute margin from the average trip time every time. You can test this theory for yourself by recording the time it takes you on your regular cross-town drive to work. Sure youíll get people learning how to parallel park, or making a left turn, but there will be that same number of delays on every trip, and your trip will conform to its average time.

How do passengers cause bunching? By insisting on exiting the streetcar by the front doors, which delays passengers who are waiting to board, which delays the streetcar which then misses a green-light cycle.

The streetcar is thus a minute late at the next stop, all the way down the line, which increases the chance that a route-crossing bus, streetcar or subway line will have dumped a fresh load of passengers, which increase the delay in boarding, another missed cycle, and so on.

By the time our streetcar is halfway across town, it is doing the work of two or three streetcars, which is how it gets dragged off-schedule, and allows the following streetcars to catch up.\And bunch up.

Christmas 2016

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Thereís good news and thereís bad news.

The Good News is that I have found another treat that begins with the letter ďPĒ.

The Bad News is that I donít like nuts

The Toronto Public Library

I might be Australian, but Iím not stupid!

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Christmas is coming and with it treats that begin with the letter ďPĒ and books that I can Peruse over the holidays.

Yuval Harari was featured in a recent TVO podcast, and as usual, by the time I get to the Toronto Public Library every man and his dog has already reserved the book.

Five Hundred and Fifty one holds!


Both these books will be winging their way towards the Yorkville Public Library Holds shelf by Friday 23rd December.

Lucky me!