2016-12-01 Thu


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Jim Kenzie wrote an article about the incoming variety of Gear-Controls in cars. I have noticed this the last half-dozen times Iíve Leased a car for a dayís drive. It seems that each time I lease a car the gear-change lever has a different Configuration.

I am bothered by the fact that I canít Intuitively work out how to express the Highest-Gear Ė an Overdrive Option I think it was called Ė for use when I am out in the country and just want to bop along at the speed limit.

I have the same bother with the Little Computers brought to the table to charge a meal to a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Every device has a different configuration. Some are all on-screen, some are all keyboard, some are a mixture of the two.

Why canít we have a single design for what are now every-day ordinary devices (that let us do extra-ordinary things)?

Fully-Funded Public Transit

Please take a moment to download and read my file Fully Funded Public Transit .

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More regular stuff about Fares in Toronto. City folks will complain to their graves about the situation with fares, but complaining is all that theyíll do. If Public Transit was Fully-Funded, every care and worry about the fares system would disappear. Forevermore.

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It is not clear to me what the figure of $610,000,000 represents. Is it the entire subsidy? If so, then 600M is about 70% of the Toronto Transit Commission budget, so the total budget would be about $870M, which is less than, say, the cost of the Toronto Police.

I place as a first estimate that the fare sub-system devours about 10% of the Toronto Transit Commission budget, and so I am suggesting that elimination of the fares sub-system would be a saving of $87,000,000 for the city/province.

Please take a moment to download and read my file Fully Funded Public Transit .