2016-11-30 Wed


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I walked to the last season痴 noontime concert at St Andrews and along the west side of Nathan Phillips Square, east of Osgoode Hall, is a large graveled area. I値l swear that this used to be a grassy knoll ten years ago when I worked at the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Some sort of amphitheatre has been built, strangely facing away from Nathan Phillips Square, and in the distance a teeny-tiny arbor.

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Here is a zoom shot of the arbor.

What prompts a city that is so dedicated to building as many sunless canyons as it can, to eradicate a small patch of greenery in its heart.


I see.

Christmas 2016

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Here is my first page of items that make up my shopping list for Christmas. All items start with the letter 撤, and I include generic items like 撤ies (meat and fruit) and 撤astries.

Why glue them to a sheet of paper? Because each time I go shopping in November and early December I can strike an item off the list as I find it.

And a sheet of illustrations is much more fun than a hand-written pencil list on paper.


The weekend of 19-20 November I began house-cleaning. My first task was to empty my front closet where was stored overcoats, bundle-buggies, and Junk.

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I soon realized why I was treating the closet like a junk room: It is grubby and marked..

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The walls LOOK like junk!

I will re-paint the closet, but was smart enough at the time to re-load it with my coats and buggies and get on to the next job.

Now that the closet is emptied of junk it will be an easy day痴 work, soon, to empty it and paint it.