2016-11-29 Tue


I walk a lot. Yesterday I walked to Ryerson University to collect the Toronto Star and walked home for my coffee and breakfast. Then I walked down to Trinity Bell to use the free WiFi and be surrounded by chatty people. Then I started walking home.

On my way up Bay Street I came across a spoiled brat dragging a little terrier (I’ll call him “Scotty”) by the leash. Scotty’s legs were rigid. He was being dragged against his will.

By the neck, by heck.

By the thin leather collar.

Being a noseyparker busybody I spoke to the brat “Your dog is having trouble walking”. Brat replied “It’s none of your business”, but I thought that if Scotty can’t speak, who will speak up for Scotty?

I hate confrontation so I said nothing more and continued walking up Bay Street.

I hate cruelty to animals more than I hate confrontation, so after two paces I stopped, turned around, and said “Actually I’m not here on business. I walk a lot around the City of Toronto” and I pulled out my cell-phone to rewind the podcast by thirty seconds.

It may be that with my broad Australian accent she thought she heard me say “Actually it is my business. I work a lot for the City of Toronto”. I’m pretty sure she thought I was going to Instagram a photo of her. My podcast-player-cum-telephone has a 21Mega-pixel camera lens on it.

Whatever, she decided not to walk up Bay Street close to me and turned off to the East, through the Hotel Marriot.

I worry about Scotty.

I hope that he drags the brat under a bus.

Failures in Advertising

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161123_135215606_HDR.jpg

On Bay Street, east side, between Bloor and Wellesley, one of those Dynamic Posters.

Who knew that Water could be Smart? Do you suppose it is smarter than me? If I drink bottled water, will I be smart? Smarter than I am now?

Note too that this water has been Distilled by a Vapour Method! Something new every day!! What will they think of next?