2016-11-27 Sun


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Nothing is truly free. There is a cost to everything.

Somebody pays the van driver to wheel these copies of The Toronto Star into Ryerson and, sadly, to wheel out the excess copies the next day.

I got my first clue to free copies in a Community Centre West of here, years ago. I saw the empty racks (it was late afternoon) and asked at the Information desk if the Star was available for free. “Yes, but you need to get here early” was the answer.

It was a simple process to find out just how early I needed to be there to get a free copy of The Toronto Star.

So, wherever you see a rack for free newspapers, grab one. And if the rack is empty, just get there an hour earlier each day.

But remember – nothing is truly Free

GO Transit

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Do you notice anything odd about this display at Clarkson GO Station in Mississauga?

Up at the top of the glassed-in and reflective frame is a map of the GO train system. At that height it is unreadable.

What kind of idiot decides to put a map for which you need reading glasses at a point some eight feet off the ground?

Another example of the un-thinking system that is GO Transit.

Remember that this is the train system that has only one train a day from, and to, Kitchener, but describes the line as the Kitchener Line, as if it were a busy system.