2016-11-21 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Can you spot the strange wording in the text shown above?

Thatís right. The city of Baltimore is going to create Green Spaces for Developers to build Homes and Offices.

After all, isnít that what Green Spaces are for?

Still and all, Iím sure it is far easier to push a bill through City Council to Create Green Spaces than to Demolish Buildings for Profit!


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So I decided to be pedantic, and since they are called ďChocolate Chip CookiesĒ rather than ďChocolate Chips CookiesĒ I elected to use a chocolate chip (a wafer, they are called) rather than a handful of chips.

The result surprised me.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161110_154624984.jpg

So I baked another batch!