2016-11-20 Sun


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I woke up this morning to find some white stuff all over next door’s roof.

What can this mean? (innocent)


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Well, after more than two months work, we have a New Sidewalk.

In typical Toronto fashion, Orange Cones are left lying around. From my point of view, as long as Construction Site Debris remains, the job is not complete. I’d withhold the Balance of Payment until the job site was properly cleaned up. By this time next week, one of these cones will have fallen or been kicked into the street and then flattened by a passing truck ...

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161109_103154585.jpg

And the trees are in place, complete with the plastic barrier that serves to make the tree feel even less at home. I suspect that it is these soil barriers that stop trees from growing beyond fifteen feet high.

I miss Paris streets with their seven-storey foliage.

Christmas Is Upon Us

So there I was wading through the junk mail searching for my new credit card when a flyer fell open before my eyes.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161117_092506129.jpg

Pitted dates.

Starting next week for one week only.

And even though there is a limit of one coupon per customer, do you have any idea how many Bulk Barns there are in Toronto?

Well, this year being 2016, and the sixteenth letter of the alphabet being “P”, it is “P-year” for Christmas goodies at Paul’s home.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161117_092654103.jpg

Eagerly I scanned the papers for other items that presented themselves as candidates.

Reading from the top left corner:-

(1) Potato chips

(2) Party mix

(3) Premičre deli meat

(4) Party Pizza

(5) Prawns (well, shrimp actually, but aren’t they the same thing?

(6) Pub recipe chicken nuggets

(7) Pepperoni

(8) Pink salmon (canned, or fresh cooked for lunch)

(9) Parlour ice-cream

(10) Pandoro sugared breads

(11) Paulin cheese(s)

(12) Pork sausages

(13) Peppered Steaks

(14) Pepsi-cola

(15) Pastry muffins (or at any rate, “Pastries”)

(16) Packet of deli slices

(17) artisan Pies (Meat, fruit etc)

(18) Patty-Palace patties

(19) Puff-Pastries

(20) Pillsbury Pepperoni Pizza bits

(21) Potato crisps (again)

Well, it’s a start. I might really push myself this year and aim to purchase (there’s that “P” again!) one item Per day. Christmas doesn’t so much creep up on us as Pounce.