2016-11-18 Fri


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I am having trouble with Flight Centre again.

They are still Advertising Seven Nights in Paris (that is, in a nice hotel) and the Airfare and Taxes and all for under twelve hundred dollars.

I know that I can feed myself and get a five-zone Navigo card all for less than three hundred dollars.

What’s the problem?

Trying to come up with a good reason to spend seven more days and nights in the land that I love.

Apart from hopping out to Poissy each morning for my Paper and Coffee, what’s left to do?


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Our building looks as if it has a Skin Disease.

The workmen who are supposed to be re-facing it come in when they feel like it, about one day a week, and scrape or glue a bit more.

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“Blight” is the word that springs to my mind.