2016-11-15 Tue


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Sort of.

A good friend has given me twenty pounds of Green Coffee Beans in one-pound packages.

One of the packages is shown, the rest are sitting in a sturdy plastic sack. It looks like it will take me over a year to get through this stock pile.

I have taken to Roasting about one cup of green beans at a time in my Little Toaster Oven. I am not keen to purchase any equipment for what may be an opportune and passing fad.

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On the left a jar with what is left from a Cup of Roasted Beans. In the centre my little Coffee Grinder, salvaged from a recycling bin four years ago and still going strong.

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I grind the beans, then turn the grinder upside down and tap it gently on the counter so that the grinds fall into the lid.

It feels odd unscrewing the inverted grinder from the lid, but there you are! I end up with a lid-full of ground coffee for the morning.

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Here is a tray after it has been thoroughly roasted.

I tried roasting by setting the toaster oven for a cycle (about two minutes) and then another cycle immediately afterwards, but the beans burst into flames. Real Live Flames.

So I have adopted a slower process.

A tray of green beans is placed in the toaster oven for one cycle, then I set my little Clockwork Oven-Timer for thirty minutes, and when that has passed, give the beans another two-minute burst.

The tray above has had four “bursts” of heat, stretching over ninety minutes, and it makes for me a decent drink of coffee each morning.

Pedestrian Deaths

Toronto is going through a phase of pedestrian deaths.

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Heather Mallick wrote a column around about the time a video went live showing a Toronto pedestrian walking into the side of a moving fire-truck. A big, red fire-truck, lights flashing, and sirens easily audible from within the car where a dash-cam was mounted.

How can you walk into the side of (and bounce off the side of a fire truck?

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Heather says “It’s a team effort”, which is my take on pedestrian crossings in Poissy. Scroll down to the section titled “Crossing the Streets” in the PDF document http:/www.chrisgreaves.com/Tripping/Europe/Poissy/CourtesyAndPoliteness.htm.

I wrote “I felt safer crossing a street in Poissy blindfolded than I would fully-sighted in Toronto”.