2016-11-14 Mon

The Internet of Things

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If the Internet of Things ever gets here I will be first in line for a Web-Enabled Crepe Pan.

And it better have a Ctrl-Z function!

On Elevators

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So, according to this article, since 1990, the “Close” Button on Elevators has been in the process of being disabled. The button is there to make people feel good, but the function is disabled. We are not allowed to crush people between the doors by pressing a button to guillotine them.

But I wrote (somewhere else) that I was amazed that we never read a report about a Regular User Being Crushed to Death, or even injured, by an elevator door. Elevator doors are possibly the safest piece of Mechanical Technology in our world!

When was the last time you heard (and I will allow hearsay!) of anyone being physically injured by a closing elevator door?

So why disable the Door Close buttons? The door sensors would override that function anyway.

As an aside I have ceased to be amused by the idiots who jab Crosswalk or Elevator Buttons ten times in a row in the belief that this will accelerate the changing of the lights or the arrival of the elevator.

All it accomplishes is bring the arrival of the maintenance crew one day closer.