2016-11-12 Sat

Toronto – City of Trees

Every now and then the City of Toronto publishes some facts and figures along the lines of “We planted over Eighty-Thousand Trees last year!”. I made that figure up, but the figure used is always a brag about just how BUSY we have been planting trees.

I maintain (without any facts to back me up) that while 80,000 trees might have been planted, most of them were Replacements for trees that have Died Young or were Bulldozed out of the way during Sidewalk Construction (or if near a new condo, sidewalk re-construction).

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It would be more accurate to say that Toronto doesn’t plant trees as much as it Buries them.

After over two months of idleness, our dug-up street is about to be re-paved, and the sidewalks which have been blocked off with Construction Zone fences are about to be re-paved, and right on cue, a truck drops some bundles of twigs into the construction zone, where they lie for a fortnight or so before being buried.

Toronto City digs a hole, then covers the soil surface with a Plastic Sheet, punches a hole in it, and sticks the tree into the hole.

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The plastic sheet is then covered with a sprinkling of loam to make it look as if the tree is planted in soil.

The truth is that the roots system and its would-be family of fungi, nematodes, and all the good little things that build a tree, are shielded from air and moisture and light by the plastic sheeting.

Or in some cases by the metal grating.

In still more cases by Plastic Sheeting, a Layer of Gravel, and then the Metal Grating.

No wonder so many trees die.

No wonder Toronto gets to brag about its rate of planting trees.

The 407-ETR

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Back in 2008 or 2009 I wrote a little piece about the Bullying Tactics of the 407-ETR people.

In summary: I possessed a Transponder. I returned it to the 407ETR in 2000, and then in 2008 received a bill (for $700) claiming that I had not returned the transponder.

The 407-ETR has a Business Model that waits for over seven years to build up interest and then slaps a Bill for the Interest on the schmuck.

Except in my case I had a witness to my return of the transponder and Written Documentation.

The 407-ETR is a Bully, and is therefore a Coward, and they backed down. I have heard no more from them since.

Over the years I have heard from many people by telephone and email asking me if I would Represent them in Court.

Now I see that the mob have filed and won a class-action suit for Eight Million Dollars.

I am prepared to bet that $8,000,000 is trivial compared to what the 407-ETR has bullied out of Weak-Minded People over the years, and also that about 30% of that $8,000,000 will go to the lawyers.