2016-11-10 Thu

Clear Thinking

From a recent article about the litany of woes about air-travel, an attempt at spin or control of the message.

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“Ninety-nine percent of the baggage reaches the aircraft on time” suggests that one percent of the baggage does NOT reach the aircraft on time.

And that suggests that one percent of the baggage either follows on later (and you have to wait for it at your destination’s carousel) or it ends up somewhere else.

As Miles Kington or Alan Coren once put it “Breakfast in London, Lunch in New York, Luggage in Los Angeles”.

“With an average of 120,000 pieces of luggage passing through Pearson International every day ...” suggests that one percent of those pieces of luggage do not reach the aircraft on time.

And lest you think you should have that figure to account for incoming luggage, Sabeen Hanifa is quoted as describing “check-in to destination”, which is, of course, outgoing luggage.

Your outgoing luggage.

One thousand two hundred pieces of it.

Every day.

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More spin: About that tiny (one percent?) percentage of luggage that is lost forever:-

(1) If your luggage arrives one hour late, that’s an hour that you have lost. You have missed your connection, or your friends and colleagues waiting to meet you are puzzled that you do not emerge from the arrivals gate.

(2) Your luggage is lost forever the minute it does not appear on the luggage carousel, for you have no way of knowing that it is not lost forever until it does turn up.


I spent a deal of time complaining on my Poissy Trip about the lack of colourful beds and parks in Toronto. Poissy puts us to shame.

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But just to show that it CAN be done in Toronto, here is the Jean Lumb park(ette?) on the east side of Elizabeth Street just north of City Hall.

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As I walked south down Elizabeth Street on my way to a Friday noon time concert at St Andrews Presbyterian church, the little park leapt out and claimed my eyes.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161104_113650093_HDR.jpg

And on top of that I managed to squeeze in a little practice of my reading skills in French.

It’s just like being at home!