2016-11-08 Tue


The scene: Preparing to exit the Trinity-Bell building (Northam Development) opposite City Hall before walking north up the west side of Bay Street. As I approach the doors I am conscious of footsteps behind me. I turn and see a young mother with a young child in a stroller.

I hold the door for the lady, and push open and hold the outer door. As they pass through onto the sidewalk the lady says ďThank YouĒ and means it, so I reply ďDonít Thank Me. Thank my MotherĒ, for it was my mother who taught me to hold the door for all people, and to give up my seat for older people and for women, and to walk on the kerb side of the lady after holding open the car-door for her and so on, and on.

ďDonít Thank Me. Thank my MotherĒ I say, and the lady replies ďWhy! Yes. Of courseĒ

She glances down at the mass of yellow curly hair in the stroller than looks back at me and once again says ďThank You!Ē, but this time adds ďYouíve given me a good idea; Iíll start teaching him todayĒ and off she goes.

I am struck with the curious thought that my mother, born in 1919, died in 1993 will still be having an impact on some male in Toronto in the year 2090.

Some mother!


Being retired means that I can develop ideas in Computer Programming as long as I like.

I am currently working on a Pre-Emptive Spell-Checker, a Heuristic device that reduces your and my spell-checking time to almost zero.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161101_155513161.jpg

So off I trot to a local Dentist to get a tooth pulled, and am handed a sheet of Post-Operative Instructions.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161101_155518310.jpg

I asked the Dental Assistant how to cook scambled eggs.

Thatís what happens when you hand a typed sheet to a person who spends their waking hours thinking about a Rules-Based Pre-Emptive Spell-Checker.