2016-11-07 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Nobody has bought a new car from a dealership in the past fifty years!

Dealerships donít sell new cars.

Dealerships sell financing!

Dealerships give you a free (new) car whenever they manage to sell you a financing scheme.


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I laughed! The Bronze Casting of the little boy tugging a Miniature Cenotaph was cloaked with a T-shirt this week, what with the weather tuning chilly.

It was enough to freeze ... Brass/Bronze ...


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It seems as if the old Government Office Buildings are under the axe. We usually see this type of Wooden Arcade erected shortly before Demolition begins.

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On the other hand, the Sand Blasting that has been going on since August is wrapped up. That means one less non-stop grinding noise going on throughout the day.