2016-11-05 Sat


I turned seventy years old this year.

Last night I attended ďA Concert of RemembranceĒ at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church up by St Clair Avenue. Walked there and back feeling disgustingly healthy.

I spent the ninety minutes listening to wonderful music and mulling over the Origins of the Third Balkan War.

Part of the work was from 1916; of course, ďOne Hundred years ago this month ...Ē.

That gave me something to think about, too. I was born in 1946. A mere thirty years before I was born, The Great War still had two more years to run.

When I was younger, The Great War seemed to be a long way past. My motherís father, for heavenís sake, fought on the Somme, and was wounded there. Grandpa seemed to be someone from the mists of time.

Grandpa came home from The Great War in 1918, married my grandma, and they produced the first of their four children Ė my mother.

Today, those events seem so very close to the time of my birth ...

Public Transit

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161024_094351444.jpg

I suspect you think I am ranting when I moan and moan about the sorry state of public transit in Toronto/Ontario/Canada, but look!

Two weeks ago at Port Credit station was a busload of pissed-off passengers, I was one of those who said to the ticket clerk ďNext time, Iíll rent a carĒ.

I wasnít the only one saying that.

Less than a week later, I rented and drove a car to Collingwood because there is no way to go to Collingwood for the day, not even by Greyhound, and we already know that we canít get from Toronto to Bolton (Bolton! For heavenís sake) for a day.

Friday I rented a car to go for a drive to Port Dover. Ahead of me was a young business lady renting a car, for the day, to go to Milton. Why? Because a GO Bus to Milton and back would hack five hours out of her business day.

Then this article appears, courtesy of Ben Spurr.

You and I BOTH would like to see fewer cars on the road. I in particular am madly in love with Public Transit. You know that for sure. But while the current state of affairs exists, count me as one of those who will drive a car rather than take public transit, on occasion. AND this comes out of my meagre pension ... and it is still worth it, IMHO!