2016-11-01 Tue


Well, Autumn is here, and that means apples, and that means Apple Crumble.

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Four candidates, four sets of votes, making up respectively 40%, 30%, 15% and 15% of the total.

It is always worth noting in First-Past-The-Post voting when a majority of people have voted against the winning candidate.

First-Past-The-Post is the system favoured by people who aren’t smart enough to hang on to their Money At the Racetracks.


I decided to tour the art galleries of Yorkville yesterday (Monday)

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Bad decision! Most of them are closed on Mondays.

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Mayberry – closed.

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Allan Klinkhoff – Closed!

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Hazleton was Open!

I popped inside and marveled at the works by Jane Waterous.

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Miriam Shiell – Closed!

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Ingram – Closed!

So ... There is a clutch of eight galleries in this little area. I will return next week – but not on Monday!