2016-10-31 Mon


I updated my Factoids Page today.


I am generally against Extended Warranties.

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The correct response to a Sales Clerk who offers you an Extended Warranty is to propose “So, you want me to bet that this product is going to fail?”.

Why should I buy an Electrical Appliance and bet that it is going to fail?

Why not just walk away without buying something which I believe is going to fail?

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Of course, no store offers a deal unless it can make money on the deal.

I knew that!

There is one exception that comes to mind:-

Earlier this year I bought a little packet of ear-buds at The Source – also known as Radio Shack. Ear-buds cost me about $15 a time here in Toronto.

The lady offered me an Extended Warranty. I asked her why I should bet tat these ear-buds would be defective.

Her explanation was that I should NOT make that bet, I should not bet that the ear-buds were defective, but that I might consider a bet that I would damage them.

Now I am always treading on the ear pieces as they dangle at my feet. And at least one of the wires snaps with repeated folding and unfolding of the cables as I move them to and from my pocket.

The clincher was something like this: “You can get Three Replacement Sets in the next two years, no questions asked, at any of our stores”.

Of course I was skeptical, so I put the nice lady through a grilling looking for the loophole.

There was none.

So I bought the extended warranty. I forget the cost, but it was well under the cost of the ear-buds.\My reasoning was that I could obtain three more sets of ear-buds over the next two years just by walking into a store.

Four sets of ear-buds for, say, $25, seems like a good deal.


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These baskets of goods are waiting to be re-shelved. Some employee is detailed to collect Baskets of Grocery Items abandoned at the Checkout and to replace the items in the shelves.

For the sake of the Ice-Cream Loving Public, I hope that these baskets of goods waiting to be re-shelved will not wait a long time.