2016-10-30 Sun

Clear Thinking

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Which makes me wonder what “Completely Unacceptable” has come to mean.

This isn’t “Partially Unacceptable” which could be read as “Excusable”, but is one hundred percent, absolutely, no-question-about-it.

Unacceptable, to me, means that it can not, and will not, be accepted.

That further suggests that something will change, will happen, to prevent (“Completely Prevent” would be good) this sort of thing happening in future, and it suggests too that something will be done to reverse what has been effected that, by admission, should never have taken place.

We call this “Making Amends”.

Now, column-inches are often in short supply, so it is possible that the CRA has fired the employee, and issued a written apology and perhaps a cheque for many dollars as one way of making amends. (Amends ought always be agreed on between the two parties; you can’t just hand over a cheque and walk away).

But I don’t see any mention of these two actions in this snippet of newspaper story.