2016-10-28 Fri


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The view from my north-facing window changes. Sadly.

The crane in the centre of this photo is building a condominium that will mask out the magenta-tinted windows of the building whose face is set at a forty-five degree angle to Bay Street, and hence to me.

Mornings have been enhanced with a blast of sunlight which fires in from the east, hits the tinted windows, and barrels south into my little apartment.

Once those concrete floors creep up, another source of sunlight will be gone. It is already reduced.

This is part of the incessant canyonization (?) of Toronto, and of skyscraper-cities in general.

Clear Thinking

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OK. So it is a little weird to include Toronto City Council in a piece labeled “Clear Thinking”, but relax. It is I doing the Clear Thinking, not Toronto City Council.

There is this new “ap”, see? And with it you can get an alert on your phone that will tell you to pop a few more virtual coins in the meter, without ever going out to the street to feed real coins into the meter.

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No wait! There’s more!!

“The parking authority expects that [this] will boost the number of users ...”

Let’s see. I am a new user, a potential user of Green-P parking, and am cruising the streets looking for a parking spot, but can’t find one, because all the parking spots are taken and hogged by folks in those office buildings, who merely have to tap a button. Or have the “ap” do it for them.

I thought that the whole idea of parking meters was that they forced the parker to return, on foot, to the car and move it to a new spot, or at least, to be present to pop more coins in the slot. A parking Meter meant that you either cut the meeting short (a blessing) or made a conscious decision to extend the meeting for another hour.

I thought that the whole idea of parking meters was that they forced a turnover in the use of parking spots.

But this new scheme endorses dog-in-the-manger.

Indeed, it makes it worse, for now receipting is simpler, so it will be a no-brainer for these charges to be aggregated in an expense sheet at no real cost to the user.

Take your time over lunch. There is no hurry ...