2016-10-27 Thu

The Toronto Transit Commission

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So there I was last Friday, hopped off the GO Train and entered the subway system of the Toronto Transit Commission at Union Station.

I grabbed a Transfer from habit – it serves as a reminder of just what time I did get home after a Dysfunctional Day on GO Transit . And look! I entered the system at 7:59P, say eight o’clock.

Hopped on a train for four stations (King, Queen, Dundas, College) and hopped off at College.

As I left the Toronto Transit Commission subway system I grabbed a transfer from habit – I was brought up to measure things. And look! I entered the system at 8:00P, say eight o’clock.

There you have it. It took less than two minutes to travel by subway from Union to College. And some would have it that the Toronto Transit Commission is out of date. Out of time, yes, but superbly fast.

So what is going on here?

(1) The Metal Issuing Transfer Machines are not synchronized to a central clock

(2) I happened to be using the system right at the time that the Toronto Transit Commission re-synchronized all their clocks

(3) other?

I do know that I must not trust the transfer machines to give me an accurate time of day. Nor can I rely on the difference between two transfers to give me an accurate measure of the length of a trip on the subway system.