2016-10-20 Thu


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I wonder where he got the furniture from?

Toronto the Dysfunctional

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The new sidewalk along the south side of Gerrard immediately east of Yonge has not been down three months before the City has come along and spray-painted markings.

You know that this pavement is new because it has not yet gained a steady pattern of chewing-gum spat out of the mouth and set up as blackened patches on the surface.

So what can all these red markings mean?

Is the City going to come along and dig up this length of new sidewalk to do something they could have done a month ago?

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Yes! The markings dive across the recently re-sealed roadway, too.


About the Apparent Lack of Structure in Tour Buses ...

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On Saturday, October 15, 2016 I stopped and asked a bus-driver at this spot about the structure. He told me that yes, the floor is about two inches thick, and it is the structural component. There is no “spine” running along the bus above the luggage compartment and below the seats.

I am judging the exposed portion here to be about nine feet front-to-back, and almost that side to side. That has to be some tough piece of steel!