2016-10-19 Wed


So. How is my little Lamp Bulb Vermicomposter coming along?

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161018_064923909.jpg

Quite nicely. Thank you. There are over Two Dozen Mature Worms in the small container, which holds the original shredded paper and food-stock, to which I added a carrot-top either just before, or just after my September vacation.

In the photo above the worms have scurried away from the light, but you can see black spots of worm poop, excreted by the worms, and the Bright Green Worm Eggs.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161018_064907779.jpg

Here is a closer shot of the eggs. I estimate that there are two dozen eggs in here, and so within a few weeks there will be an Explosion of Worms.

Either the excess population will die in place, or some will escape the Glass Flask looking for browner pastures.


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161009_085628527.jpg

An excellent little article by Jennifer Hunter? greeted me on my return from Poissy.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161009_085638263.jpg

I found this to be true.

In the market one day I started with “Bonjour!” and asked what the weird set of scissor-like things were for. “For cutting herbs, Monsieur!> I thanks the man, said “Merci Monsieur” to thank him, and began to walk away. I had not gone three paces when he called out to me, “Bonne Journée Monsieur”. He had waited two or three seconds for me to terminate the conversation correctly with “Bonne Journée”, and when I didn’t, he went into default mode and finished it for me. It would be unthinkable NOT to complete a conversation properly. It cannot be comprehended. Another little lesson taught to me.