2016-10-17 Mon


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We read stories of Tour Buses plunging into a ravine, tens dead, dozens injured. We see the “skin” of the bus crumpled like Aluminium Foil. But I had not realized how thin the lowest level of the structure is.

This bus is Loading Luggage outside the Eaton Chelsea Hotel on Gerrard Street between Yonge and Bay. The luggage bay is a see-through compartment, and its floor cannot be more than two inches thick. You can see the painted street lines disappearing under the bus and reaching the Sidewalk Kerbing.

My guess (hope?) is that a really Thick Steel Beam runs along the bus above the luggage compartment and underneath the racks of seats.

The Toronto Transit Commission

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So Bob Kinnear attempts to dis-associate himself from Union Members. Hard to do when you are President of the Union.

This raises the question of who is in charge here, the Union, or the Employer?

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Now, where we have driverless-trains (such as line 14 in Paris), the drivers cannot be said to be mere button-pushers, without the quotes. Since they don’t exist on those trains, they cannot be said to possess any characteristics.

But when full-time paid staff walk off the job, they certainly push MY buttons.

Button-pushers, agreed?