2016-10-16 Sun


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I attended the Toronto Writer’s Cooperative again this afternoon. One of the items read included a description of a pizza: “Lots and Lots of Extra Cheese”, “bubbling as he lifted the lid”, “big, large, extra large, with all the extras”.

I am not quoting the work here, just trying to give you an idea.

When my turn came to comment, I congratulated myself on having the staying power to see out the end of the session instead of scooting straight home to Bake myself a Pizza.

I believe it is a testament to the work being studied (and hence the writer) that as soon as I said this a chorus arose of “Ooh! Can I come home with you?”.

I walked home by a circuitous route to shake off anyone who might have thought to follow me.

I shared this pizza with nobody, just me, and an old Charlie Chaplin movie.

Toronto’s College Park

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For most of this year residents have allowed their dogs to poop on the sidewalks of Bay Street while a motley crew work sporadically on the east side of Bay Street – a series of Plazas that used to lead into the Shopping Arena – and on the Ratty Little Park immediately south of College Park and north of the New Aura Building.

This shot taken through protective gauze shows that trucks and men are busy lining the ground with Impervious Plastic Sheeting, Bitumen and Concrete.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161007_072610794.jpg

Yep! We might be getting a concrete park in place of the soil, ratty shrubs and weeds.

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Here you see the thick plastic sheeting laid right across the plaza. Do not anticipate any serious trees in here.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161007_073135002.jpg

For some strange reason the rubber sheeting lies atop a very porous plastic mesh. Look in the lower left corner of this photo.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20161007_073228776.jpg

Here for comparison is the concrete park we already have. Now we will have about five times this area of concrete.

hooray. But only in lower-case letters, and without an exclamation point.

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Another view. The best one might hope for is a layer of a foot or two of soil, with grass sod that will dry out each summer.

Maybe some above-ground flower beds that will dry out each summer.

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My guess is that a sympathizer with indigenous peoples put up this graffiti, but I feel it could apply equally to those of us (who stole the land originally) having the expanse of soil and grass taken away from US!