2016-10-12 Wed

The Unfinished City

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I recall telling you about the Water-Main Problems a year or so ago. They (Toronto City Council) took two or three swipes at the problem.

Just before I went away, that is, late August or early September, our little street was dug up for more water-main issues, and that done, a stretch of about fifty yards was Re-Laid with Concrete in Preparation, as I thought, for Resurfacing the Street – at long last!

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How wrong I was! After fixing the water-main (in August?) and relaying the road, a crew has come along and dug up the new concrete road bedding so that they can fiddle once again with the water-main.

Toronto has a non-system of very old Iron Pipes that carry our water, so the immediate reaction might be “Well, you see, we have a very old system of iron pipes that carry our water”.

But today’s job represents the fourth or fifth time in less than four years that the work has been done on this part of the small street.

Which sounds to me as if the job wasn’t done right the first three or four times.

Service Canada – the Bill and Bob face-off

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Back on Tuesday the Fifth of July I reported dropping off a letter at my Federal MP’s Office. I’d had no response after two months, so dropped in to ask why. I got the impression that my letter had been lost.

On my return from vacation a voice-mail – please would I come in.

The bottom line is that the letter was not delivered to my MP, Bill Morneau, despite assurances that he would get to read it.

Also, as a phone call revelaed, Service Canada really do not have a clue about what is going on.

One example: When I use the Service Canada web site I can see BOTH Bank Accounts under my name. When Service Canada go look, they see only one account.

Service Canada say thay have NO reference to my RBC account in their data, but they continue to Deposit a Pension Cheque into that account regular as clockwork.

There’s more, but that should give you an idea of how poorly the service is run.