2016-10-11 Tue

The Toronto Transit Commission

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What does bike-ridership have to do with the Toronto Transit Commission?

In particular, how does an article on bike-ridership help us to formulate a rational policy on subway development?

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Here is the answer!

Metrolinx estimates that 17% of all trips in the GTA are walkable (for healthy people) and that 40% are bikeable (for healthy people).

Figures might vary according to the area measured. Right now I would think that for people who live south of Bloor Street, 70% of trips are walkable and 100% are bikeable. Out by Markland Wood not-so-much.

Now think about this business of overloaded trains. Make the existing subway trains run in from the suburbs to, say, the Bloor/Yonge station and make the next stop Union Station (and then St George/Spadina).

Bring in a new surface shuttle route with a hop-on/hop-off that services the area south of Bloor Street.

You want to go from College to Queen? Walk, bike, or hop on the Free City Shuttle.

You live at Steeles and work at College? Ride the subway to Bloor/Yonge then hop on the Free City Shuttle and hop off again at College.

You need to meet your friend for lunch at St Andrews? Ride the Free City Shuttle!


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I have long complained about the dearth and the death of trees in downtown Toronto. So I took a shot of the triangular traffic island at the intersection of Parliament and Gerrard streets.

Not bad, but there is another revelation coming up in a day or two. Stay Tuned!