2016-10-10 Mon

The Toronto Transit Commission

... and when the Toronto Transit Commission does pluck up the courage to renumber its bus and streetcar routes in a logical manner I have a suggestion.

A logical manner of numbering routes would make it easy for newcomers and new users to identify bus routes. I can drive across the USA easier than I can navigate Toronto.

The USA Interstate Highways are even-numbered for east-west, low numbers in the south, and are odd-numbered running north-south, low numbers in the west.

So it is that you have highways 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 (“The Big Road” as the truckers call it) spanning the country from east to west, and when you get to the east coast, you can take highway 95 from Florida to Maine.

In Paris city the bus routes carry a two-digit number where one of the digits describes the terminus. If your hotel is near Montparnasse, hop on a ninety-series bus to get home, for all of the 9x buses start from Montparnasse. Gare St Lazare hosts the 2x series. Port d’Orleans hosts all buses with an “8” at the end (28, 38, 68 etc).

Piece of cake.

Now to Toronto: I defy anyone to make any logical or rational explanation of bus route numbers in Toronto, and “We’ve always done it that way” is NOT a rational explanation.

Toronto is not unique in being established mainly on conceptually north-south and east-west streets. I recognized early on that a memory of the east-west streets was critical to understanding conversations and finding my way around (“Quite Bright Students Eat Liver With Skin-Fried Sausages” was my chosen mnemonic)

Toronto is positioned to revamp its collection of transit sub-systems (neither Toronto nor the GTA/GTHA can be said to have a System) and the time is ripe to bite, as it were, the bullet, if not the rocket, and re-assign route numbers, perhaps using even-numbered routes for east-west, and odd-numbered routes for north-south.

You want to head towards Steeles Avenue? Odd-numbered bus for sure.

Oh yes, “I have a suggestion”:-

Drop any ideas about appending ridiculous and confusing alphabetic characters to bus-routes.

Why is there a “49B bus to Markland Wood when there is no “49” route?

And why have a “6B” on Bay street when the letter “B” can confusauser into thinking that it is a “68” route?


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A few days ago I posted a photo of an Orange Pylon with a Band-Aid Solution, and back then I predicted that the pylon would soon be gone. Ta-Da!

“The tape will quickly be scuffed off by Thousands of Feet ...”