2016-10-06 Thu

The Toronto Transit Commission

If you havenít already done so, Please take a moment to download and read my file Fully Funded Public Transit .

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The Toronto Transit Commissionís focus on the Davisville office has long been a problem. If you want to redeem stale tickets, you have to burn TWO tickets to do so Ė one ticket to travel by Toronto Transit Commission to their Davisville offices, and one to return home.

This is the Toronto Transit Commissionís idea of Service to Its Customers, and the blip about Presto Cards and Seniors/Students is the tip, as they say, of the iceberg that is the mass of the Toronto Transit Commissionís policy of Public Relations.


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Now that I am back, and now that the students who organize these talks are back, I can resume my after-supper stroll Wednesday nights to the Ryerson Engineering building and listen to talks from professionals from other parts of the world.

Unless I want to go to ESL cafť.